Mission and History.

Mission and History

RECLAIM’s mission is to increase access to mental and integrative health support so LGBTQ youth may be free of oppression in all its forms.

We offer therapy for youth and families, training for practitioners, and community partnerships for social change at the intersection of gender and racial justice.


The recession-induced defunding of care for our most marginalized people in the Twin Cities had a devastating impact on LGBTQ youth in particular.  In 2009, District 202, a community center for LGBT youth lost its physical space and the LGBT youth counseling program at Face to Face was also cut.  In response, LGBTQ youth and their allies acted quickly to raise $35,000 in pledges in just three weeks to ensure and RECLAIM was born.

In the four years since, RECLAIM has provided accessible therapeutic support to LGBTQ youth through individual, family, and group counseling, integrative health care, advocacy, education and collaboration. In this unique healing space, LGBTQ youth are supported to transform themselves and take leadership in co-creating RECLAIM’s work.

We have directly served over 150 youth, the majority of whom are uninsured. However, each week we turn away almost as many youth as we serve. With these youth, we spend on average 45 minutes each listening, encouraging, and attempting to provide referrals with few good options. To the best of our knowledge, we remain the only barrier-free queer and trans youth-specific therapy resource in the region.

In the last two years, we have developed our work training therapy practitioners and students to work with LGBTQ youth, focusing on providing support to people of color (POC) therapists in training. We are now in the process of reaching out for support to hire an additional full time, POC therapist to both provide therapy to youth and guide the development of a POC Practitioner Cohort as RECLAIM’s central strategy towards increasing financial and cultural access to health support for LGBTQ youth.